Amantes do Trance

outubro, 2023

07out(out 7)21:4508(out 8)05:00SATORI 1 YEAR ANIVERSARY/LABRAT, CHRIS RICH , INPSYDE OUT, BORDERLINERS...TheMill BradfordCategoria do Evento:PsyTrance

detalhes do evento

✨ Showcasing some first UK appearances in ‘BORDERLINERs & LABRAT’, alongside another international traveller ‘INPSYDE OUT’ to complement our UK based stars ‘CHRIS RICH, ANDY MASON, VIBETECH’ will be very exciting! ✨

✨ Extremely happy to announce that for the October we will also be hosting ‘@oct-opus sound system’ for the first time under the satori roof! Having opus sound was a priority from the start. Having featured at many parties and festivals last year. Warm inviting soundscapes with a hefty kick! ✨

?TICKETS: will be hosted off our new website currently in development. Please allow us some time to do some final testing for your benefit and ours! ?

✨ 9:45pm – 5:00am ✨

✨ Line up: Main Stage ✨

?LABRAT (Digital Shamans Records)

?CHRIS RICH (Bom Shanka Music )

?INPSYDE OUT (Digital Shamans Rec)

?BORDERLINERS (Digital Shamans Rec)

?VIBETECH (Digital Shamans Rec)

?ANDY MASON (Kundalini Rec/ Dragonfly Rec )

✨ Line up: Alternative Stage ✨



?WIRED (Crystal Kids)

?BARTEK MAZUR ( Satori )

? PURPLE PSY DUST ( Audasmic )


7 (Sábado) 21:45 - 8 (Domingo) 05:00


TheMill Bradford

TheMill Bradford