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julho, 2023

10jul19:0022:00Funny Moon Gathering 2023Jinotaj Valeč v Čechách

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(How To get there)
Nearest airport Prague , Nearest FlixBus or Train Station Lubenec. Last 4 km will be Metod taxi’s available ( +420 608033877) Valeč / Jinotaj your there (keep going up the Hill)

For camping we ask for 10 euros for each automobile (car/camper) this will be extra to pay at the entrance. This fee we will give to the town hall as gift.

Welcome to the Funny Moon Gathering, a vibrant event that has been enchanting attendees for the past 19 years. As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary on the breathtaking location of Jinotaj, near the town of Valec, we extend a warm invitation for you to join the Cosmixed Society Team and Funny Moon company.

Throughout the years, our gathering has evolved, but the essence and spirit have remained unwavering. It has grown into a transformative experience, where like-minded individuals come together to embrace growth, connect with fellow psychonauts, and find solace from the pressures of society. Instead of merely pointing out problems, we strive to exemplify a different way of life, showcasing the possibilities that exist on this planet.

In this Cosmic Mixed Society, we believe in the power of unity and the strength that comes from blending diverse perspectives. As we’ve grown, we’ve created a vibrant community that fosters empathy, understanding, and healing. The Funny Moon Gathering provides a space for exploration, self-discovery, and collective celebration.

So, if you feel the calling to immerse yourself in our cosmic tapestry, come join us at the Funny Moon Gathering. We eagerly await your presence as we continue to evolve, inspire, and create a world where the human experience is one of connection, growth, and harmony.

~Our Concept~
Introducing the concept of the Funny Moon Gathering, a week-long international family happening that promises a unique experience filled with healing, music, workshops, and togetherness.

For the first three days, the focus lies on healing, providing a sanctuary for mental and physical rejuvenation. Relax your body and mind in the serene surroundings of The Feel Heal area, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi, allowing the stresses of everyday life to melt away. Live music and workshops take center stage, creating an alternative and chill-out environment that encourages connection and exploration.

As the event progresses, the atmosphere shifts with the opening of the Main Floor on the third day.

One of the key elements of the Funny Moon Gathering is its inclusivity for families. Bring your children along and relish in the joy of togetherness, as the event aims to create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy and participate.

Additionally, the Funny Moon Gathering serves as a platform for fresh DJs and upcoming live acts to introduce themselves to the attendees. Embracing new talent and musical expressions, the event provides a space for artists to showcase their skills and connect with a receptive audience.

The event also features a dedicated healing area, offering workshops that allow you to expand your consciousness and explore various holistic practices. Whether it’s meditation, energy healing, or spiritual growth, there are opportunities to engage and learn throughout the event.

Above all, the Funny Moon Gathering distinguishes itself from mainstream festivals by emphasizing active involvement and community spirit. Rather than treating attendees as mere consumers, the festival invites you to stay and play, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement.

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey at the Funny Moon Gathering, where healing, music, workshops, amazing food, togetherness, and personal growth intertwine to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

Live Acts Main stage: (Starts 12th July)

AlpsCore (Alice-d production) Italy
Axcidus (Black out rec) Germany
DaRq (Stomping Goats Collective/ Monkey Business) Germany
Delirium Tremens (Dream Project Records) Italy
Eeriegeist (Purple Hexagon Records) Mexico
Error in Dimension (Andean Tribe RecCosmixed Society) Germany
Filt (Parasomnia/Mighty Vibration) Denmark
FlowwolF (Tendance/Ovnimoon) Austria
Kebun (Hyprid Records) Austria
Midnite Climax (Nacion Psycodelica) Guatemala
Parafunk (Hyprid Rec.) Austria
Primordial Ooze (Purple Hexagon Records) USA
Psypien (Purple Hexagon records) Austria
Psylophonica (Deep thought Productions) Germany
Rubuscubus (Woo-Dog Rec/Mouju Rec/ Germany
Tee Moe (Pixan Recordings/Squamata Rec) Germany
Volkiene (Dj/Live) Australia
Yawanawa (Squamata RecMouju Rec) Austria

Djs Main stage:

Alice Ecila aka Harmonic (Open Mind Groop) Austria
AguilarPzy (KosmikaCrew/Popol Vuh rec/Voodoo Hoodoo rec) El Salvador
Artyficial (Flow EV Rec) Austria
Besnik (Believe Lab) Gernamy
Caban (lebeliebelache) Austria
Dark Diggler (FungoFox Forest) Germany
Dean Vigus (GreenTree Records & OV-Silence.Music) Denmark
Entheon (Hunab Ku Rec/Popol Vuh Rec) Mexico
FutureMoon (Digital Om Productions) Germany
Gagarin Project (Live Love Create Records) Ukraine
GoaTarzan (Mouju Rec) Germany
Goagnom (Stz-Records/Pirate Tribe) France
GoNoeGen (Soul Alkhemy) Czech Republic
Hikaru (Cosmixed Society) Japan
HaZe (Chagga Rec/Sundose) Graz/Austria
Horizon (Popol Vuh RecCosmixed Society) United states
KavanRay (PsyPort Records) Austria
Kloy (Independent) Germany
KlaBazi (El Paso Forest/Cosmixed Society) Germany
LamaTech aka DaliLama (Cosmixed Society) Serbia
Lemanik (Voidrealm Kollektiv/Wachuma Rec) Germany
Merry:) (Gaggalacka/Purple Hexagon Records) Germany
MEiK (Gaggalacka/Banyan Records) Germany
MissPixie (EnkiLab) Costa Rica
Nebokad (Mouju Rec) Germany
Pan (Up Rec/PsyWorld Rec) United Kingdom
Parama (NexTimeProd) Austria
Paranoid Society (Sonolumineszens Rec) Gernamy
Quantum Progress (Emanations) Hungary
Ratri (Be Psychedelic) Poland
Relikt (Damaru Rec/Dark Web Rec) Germany
Sabsunshine (Hunab Ku Records and Soundlab Pirates) Austria
Sun-G aka Pussycat (4 Elements/Spirit Bass) Austria
Tom O Rion (Hypnotica rec) Gernamy
TripCommander (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Trans Humantza (Urban Antidote Records) Romania
Up-C v.s PaT-RixX (4 Elements) Austria
Van°Atius (PsyPort Rec) Austria
Yondo And Lorca (Hunab Ku Records / Aiyana) Germany
Woidschratz (Mouju Records) Austria
ZavaConnex (PsyPort Rec) Austria

(Alternative Stage)

Amarettina (Independent) Czech Republic
AYO (Sofa Beats/Iboga Records) Denmark (Live)
Betty Shine (Sounds&Colour) Hungary
Caban (lebeliebelache) Austria
Cosmic Touch (Merkaba Music/UnityVerse Music) Finland
Dharmakaya (YUN Recordz) Portugal
Elemental (Ufobufo) Czech Republic
Fipsinger & Parama (NexTimeProd) Austria
Gagarin Project (Hadra AltereVision Records) Ukraine
King Darius (independent) Germany
Merry:) (Gaggalacka/Purple Hexagon Records) Germany
ModeMelancolie aka LiquidSpace (Iono Black) Germany
Lost in translation (Up Rec/PsyWorld Rec) United Kingdom
Lucia Suerte B2B Toxic DNA (Independent) Austria
Lyrane (Independent) Hungary…/lyrane-waviness02-2022-10-08/
Noziroh (Cosmixed Society) United states
Psychoz (Merkaba Music / POINTZERO Rec) Germany (Live)
Raman (Wheel of the Year) Romania
Slowwolf (Tendance/Ovnimoon) Austria
Suzie Fleur (Cosmixed Society) Netherlands
Synergic (Hole Production) Germany
Tropical Odysee (Mouju Rec) Germany
VORPAL (Stone Seed) Australia
Urucum LIVE (Cosmovision Records/Resueño/Magika) Austria Daniel Sun
J-Zo – CZ
Triptofun (Fenix festival, Kamasutra crew)

(Live Music 10th/11th July Mon/Tus-Alternative)

Lässlig (Germany)
Vojta Violinist and myrith (czech republic)
Gmyas (Österreich)
Wohnung 13 (Bad Reichenhall)
Omnion (czech republic)

(D&B Night 12th July Wed-Alternative)

Terra-? (Inside Job)
Frostbite (Nebuddebil)
Infected Frog (Lost Memory)
Sim∅n K∅ch (Schwarzkollektiv)
HypnOwl (Turn OFF your mind)


DekotroniX ••٠ Usa/Austria
Nebokads Dream ••٠ Germany
Paraworxart ••٠ Germany
Sh’aka Void Project ••٠ France
Tarzan Art ••٠ Germany
Fluramagic Design Studio ••٠ (Ukraine)


Andromeda projection ••٠ Germany
Liquid Senergy Design ••٠ USA
5-MeO-TAR (Analog visuals) ••٠ Czech Republic

(Feel Heal Area)

Bine & Andi Horvath (Naturspiritcathrin/Rapé/Singing Bowl)
Colin (Yoga)
Emilia (Kundalini yoga) Sweden
Javier Ottero (Mandala Workshop)
Kristina (Herbal Potion) Czech Republic
Lisa Li (BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release) United Kingdom
Manuel Scherzer (Head Coach at SU Garuda Warrior Academy and Head coach at Shen Warrior) Austria
Nena Neno (ethereal sounds of the Kailani/slow motion dance) SRB/A
Ramoona (Woman Circle/Yoga) Romania
Shaminita (Rapé Cermoney/Svastha’ Yoga-Ayurveda/opening Ceremony Monday 10.7, 11am Blessing & Chakra-Toning) Austria
Takao (Chanoyu:Tea Cermony of Japan) Japan
Valeria (Power Yoga) Czech Republic


Tiffany Tiger (FireShow/Led Hula hoop) CZ
Circus Pirates Groop (FireShows)

2023 Half price tickets available for the normal nations and Japanese ( contact us for details )

Presale link:

(Price at the gate)
Monday 10th 180€
Tuesday (12:00) 11th 170€
Wednesday (12:00) 12th 160€
Thursday (12:00) 13th 150€
Friday (12:00) 14th 140€
Saterday (12:00) 15th 130€
Sun (24:00) 16th end entrance
ends Monday morning
(Children under 16 Free)

The Funny Moon Gathering is a magical music event that brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate music, nature, and spirituality. This gathering is held annually in a secluded natural location, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here, music lovers and free spirits unite to enjoy a weekend of unforgettable experiences, surrounded by stunning landscapes and a vibrant atmosphere.

The gathering is known for its healing area, which offers attendees the opportunity to take part in a variety of wellness activities. The (Feel heal) Healing area is a serene space where guests can recharge their batteries and connect with their inner selves. The area includes yoga and meditation classes, massage services, and a range of alternative therapies designed to promote holistic wellbeing. Participants are invited to unwind and indulge in some well-deserved self-care, giving them the chance to leave the festival feeling reinvigorated and revitalized.

One of the main highlights of the Funny Moon Gathering is the spiritual psychedelic music that permeates the entire event. The event features an array of talented musicians who perform a diverse range of genres, from folk and blues to electronic and trance, Forest, Darkpsy, Progressive, Zenonesque, Melodoc and Hi Tech . The music acts as a conduit for spiritual experiences, allowing guests to lose themselves in the rhythms and beats and connect with the universe on a deeper level.

In summary, the Funny Moon Gathering is a event that offers much more than just music. It’s a space for people to heal, connect with nature, and explore their spirituality. It’s a place where beautiful people come together to celebrate life and embrace the magic of the universe. With its vibrant atmosphere and unforgettable experiences.

Funny Moon s.r.o. čaroděj Jiří Metod Kassl
Široká 59 Valeč pro bližší informace volejte 608033877


(Segunda-feira) 19:00 - 22:00


Jinotaj Valeč v Čechách

Jinotaj Valeč v Čechách