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Entrevista com Kenda

  1. First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation for these event which we are very proud to be part of and want to exalt all the woman of our “psy-world”! We ask you to make an brief apresentation yourself (name, age, nacionality and current city).

My name is Kënda, and I have 36 years old. I’m spanish and I live in Barcelona


  1. Before anything else, for how long have you being a DJ? Always in the psytrance genere?

I’m in the psy scene since 2009 but I started as Djane in 2017. I started playing psytrance till I discovered goa trance. Nowadays, goa is the genere that I play. I loveeee that style!!!


  1. When psytrance appears in our lifes usualy it takes our breath away and lingers on us. Do you remenber when this kind of music show up on your life? How old were you?

This was 12 years ago when i was 24. It was a lifechaning i think you all know what im talking about hehe


  1. Do you remember your first party as a DJ? Whas that performance the most marking for you?

I remember that my first party as a Djane was in mountains at Aura Festival.But the most marking one for me was Mimesis Club in Barcelona where I also perfomed with my wing wing dress, was also the first time I played for my family… So a perfect party with A powerful women lineup, and the lovely Mimesis crew.


  1. There is always someone, like felow artists or producers that become friends. Would you like to refer some names?



  1. When you are on the stage, what are the feelings and thougts that cross your mind?

My feelings are joy, enjoyment, big passion and the desire to share love with every soul.


  1. Would you like to cooperate with some special artists?

If there was a chance i would like to colaborate with Cels Mimesis, Filteria, Suduaya and Goalien


  1. What are your top three álbuns?

Goalien (Psychedelic dilemma)

E-mantra (Nemesis)

Astral Projection (searching for ufo)


  1. What is the next step for your project. What is next?

I want to start production and GROW MY PERFOMANCE while PLAY MUSIC, because I love dance and play music, and I  think that is amazing this combination. I dance with light wings, so I can invite to dance together while I play. I love it!!!


  1. If you could choose any place in the world to play. Where it would be?



  1. Thank you for joining us in this interview. Would you like to leave some words to the psytrance comunity in Portugal before we finish?

I’m very happy to participate and thanks for the opportunity… I send all my loveee for the portuguese family and hope to se you all soon!


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