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Suseth Martinez da Guatemala começou a aprender produção musical em 2014 e foi a primeira Djane  Hi-tech Psytrance feminina na Guatemala com o nome de Cosmic Spiral, desde 2015, dentro da FEEDBACK PRODUCTION GT Crew.


Após 3 anos de trabalho árduo, ela lançou sua primeira faixa com a Voodoo Hoodoo Records e finalmente assinou um ano depois com a Ovni Records, onde apresentou seu novo conceito de Live Act chamado Athzira, uma mistura intensa de heavy psytrance grooves e música tradicional indígena do centro e a América do Sul, especialmente Mayan, que ela chamou de “Ik-Tek” (Ik significa Picante em k’iche ‘, a principal língua maia da Guatemala). Reconhecido como um dos únicos artistas a representar a Guatemala ao redor do mundo em grandes festas e festivais, especialmente no México, Grécia, Alemanha, Itália, França, mas também no Brasil, Holanda.

Dia 15 de Junho de 2020 estreia na OVNI RECORDS o seu primeiro ep “TEMPLO PERDIDO”

Nesse ínterim, ela lançou um curta-metragem de sucesso filmado nas Pirâmides Maias de Zaculeu e uma trilha sonora com Angry LunA. Ela também está trabalhando em um projeto paralelo Progressivo / Completo chamado “Aqua Aura”, com certeza você ouvirá sobre isso em um futuro próximo! Fique atento !





Real Name – Suseth Martínez

Artist Name –Athzira

Psytrance Genere – Ik tek  – (que ela chamou de “Ik-Tek” (Ik significa Picante em k’iche …)

From – Guatemala

Age – It’s a Lady  🙂


1 – How way the music came to your life?

Everything started when my uncle share with me some electric music when I was kid I instantly feel me Interesting on electronic music, I started to sing arround 12 years old, and at 16 years I listen to Psytrance for a first time I remember I been amazed by the construction and the psychedelic ideas you can do in one track I feel interested to know more about how was made!


2 – What was the first party did you play as a DJ?

I play at Seim Samsara in San Lucas, Sacatepéquez – Guatemala the 28-03-2015.


3 – How was the beginning of your carrer?

was a really great experienc for me to connect with people and share music, I started making my own event , playing in friends parties and joining forces with the local artists from Guatemala to make more events , Im always grateful for all the support people give and grateful with all the people Who believe in me


4 – How did you started producing electronic music?

Was amazing the begging of learning how to create the basic elements of Psytrance music, was difficult cause I didn’t had the proper equipment I started with a laptop that have broken the headphones connection so I was working with the speaker of the laptop, I was going to visit some friends who have a better set up and paying them for teaching me more, I pay some. Other artists for the same services of master class I started production with Cubase and after I move to Ableton, I also watch some YouTube tutorials 🙂


5 – From where did you find inspirations to create new songs?

Creating music for me is something special is my essence transform in sounds, I always get inspired on people, people that I love I always imagine the people dancing that give me Power to continue, I always think you can transmit feeling on your music that’s why I love to add melodies from Latin America that make feel in a ancestral travel.


6 – How was this current project born?

My first project was called Comic Spiral I started the project on November 2014 and Athzira started in 2018 I decide to create the original concept of Ik tek with this project and be able to share a little bit of my culture.


7 – When was your first song released?

It was in 2017 in Voodoo Hoodoo Records in the VA Grimoires Of old magic.


8 – The PSY trance artists have many influences from other music genres. What inspires you out of the electronic music? What other forms of art doing a part of your creative process?

I love art and I think definitely there is many others think I love to do like painting, singing, graphic design, video aanimation, playing floute and I’m also fan of the gastronomy.


9 – Who are yours music influences?

LunaRave, Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Mad Tribe, Oxidaksi and


10 – What was a performance did you never forget, what most changed you?

LunaRave at Hadra festival 2018 was my first big festival ever and definitely change my perspective of festival.


11 – What is keep you follow in love for electronic music?

When I see the crowd dancing my music.


12 – What did you most like at the festivals?

The freedom you get inside is like another word, the deco and the vibe of people.


13 -Do you have any routine / ritual right before a performance?

Nothing more than be grateful with life to give me the chance to share my music.


14 – Where will be your next performances?

It ll be At EgoDrop Festival the 14 of July on Poland.


15 – About your new songs, could you tell us something about it?

The 24 of June it’s gonna be the release of a track in a collaboration with LunaRave called “Inti Raymi” Release soon in Ovni Breakfast, Next track coming :

Athzira -“Psymulation”

Release label (Ovni record)

Angry Luna & Athzira – Ukhupacha

Release label (Warromaja record)

Athzira & Pulsar

(Album Pulsar & friends)

Release label ( Ovni breakfast)

Popek vs Athzira – la paz

(Album Popek & friends)

Release label (Ovni records)

Album vs coming :

Athzira and the travelers


Athzira and the gems



16 – About your perform in Portugal, what your expectations?

Hope soon have the opportunity to play there I’m sure it’s gonna be a great experience.


17- Let’s finished this interview, leave a message to your Portuguese fans!

Olá querida família, estou ansioso para compartilhar com vocês minha música que é feita especialmente para vocês, será um sonho realizado poder dançar juntos

Here I share a free download track hope you like it

Athzira & Angry Luna – Zaculeu

Track Donwload OvniRecords – ATHZIRA



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