Amantes do Trance


  1. First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation to this event which we are proud to be creating and its our intention to include all the woman from our “psy-world”!


*Please write a brief introduction about yourself (name, age, nationality and current city).

HI there My name is Pamm, aka DJ Tune Raider and I’m from South Africa _ I’m 35 years old (for the last few years I stopped having a birthday after 35 😉 )


  1. How long have you been a DJ?  Has it always been the psytrance genre?

I have been a psy trance DJ since 2002 – so about 19 years …(good But I guess last year didn’t count?


  1. When psytrance appears in our lives it usually takes our breath away and lingers on us. Do you remember when this kind of music appeared in your life? How old were you?

I was a fresh 17 year old country girl, and stumbled onto a dance floor at one of South Africa’s most prestigious events (Vortex) back then it was life changing, I was a total freak needing to find my tribe, at first I was happy to find like minded people and immense freedom and the desire to DJ came later.


  1. Do you remember your first party you played at as a DJ? Was that performance memorable for you?

I played here and there at little parties, where ever I could or would be able to – I was a hustler back then LOL…. I just remember the crowds reaction because I was a female DJ playing as hard as the boys did, and this was unusual, the novelty has always been a crowd bringer – the trick is to keep the crowd there.


  1. There is always someone who helps or influences you, like fellow artist or producer that become friends. Would you like to refer some names?

I have been in this game for almost 2 decades – I have made a lot of friends in the industry,  I love to travel and  connect with my psy friends and pick up where we left off – touring with like minded performers is always fun, almost the best part of touring.



  1. When you are on the stage, what are the feelings and thoughts that cross your mind?

Did I leave the oven on??? Kidding – I try not to think I guess, I try lose myself in the music and connect with the crowd, its our responsibility to give the party goers the best time ever, so yeah, I try just give the crowd all my attention and head space -but at the same time, I’m also female so in he back of my mind I’m planning the next thing… its how we are build LOL…



  1. Would you like to collaborate with some special artists?

Sure, I would always be open to collaboration.



  1. What are your top three albums?

Brittany Spears and Lil Kim… LOL…


  1. I don’t have any favourite albums….. I follow a few artists and I go for what sounds good.


  1. What is the next step for your project. What is next?

Well, before March 2020 – I was about to go on a tour and keep pushing the dream, but then the world changed, so I hope to resume my gig life, but hey, lets just get back on our feet again and we can start dreaming again….


  1. If you could choose any place in the world to play. Where it would be?

Boom obviously …. but I wish to go back to Thailand and Goa


  1. Thank you for joining us in this interview. Would you like to leave some words to the psytrance community in Portugal before we finish?

Yes I would love to just add that I miss you all in Portugal, and I hope to party with you all again soon xx Love you guys xx

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