7 Chakras Festival Warm Up Portugal

Março 29, [email protected]:00 pm_Março 30, [email protected]:00 am
LAV - Lisboa ao Vivo
Gaya Agency e 7 Chakras Festival

Porque passamos o Inverno a contar os dias para o Verão chegar, porque com ele chega o melhor do Psy Trance… Os Festivais de Verão!!!

Temos o prazer de vos dar a conhecer um dos festivais mais roots e psicadélicos da Europa, onde o som e a sua localização se juntam num só…
The 7 Chakra festival localizado na Toscânia, Itália conta com um Line up alternativo, noturno mas muitoooo muito animado… Ideal para o público Português.

Convidamo-vos para uma noite Lisboeta já com cheirinho a Verão, viagens… E festival!!

Guests for this night:

(Looney Moon Records)

(Dissidia Records)

Dazzle Beat


Line up incompleto…..

About 2019 edition:

28th August – 1st September
Tuscania, Italy
🌺Let your Spirit blossom🌺

🎧 2 Music stages with more then 50 international acts
⛺️ Huge campsite with waterfall
☯️ Cultural & Healing Area with more then 30 activities every day
🏔 Immerse in a Natural park, at 30km from the the sea

After “5 days of awakening souls”, it’s time to let the seeds we planted sprout and bloom into beautiful flowers of consciousness.
We will continue together the journey begun, deepening our experience into the subtle dimensions. How?
The Sacred Fire at our Healing Space will keep on burning, hosting new ceremonies, singing circles and magical moments of sharing.
Our Cultural Nest, Art and shows from the world, will expand into a great creative hub, where we can draw on knowledge and rediscover gifts that we had forgotten.
To mark the rhythm of our path, the Heart Stage and Solar Stage will fill the air with psychedelic vibrations and multi-ethnic sounds, allowing us to enjoy and free from the conditionings we no longer wish to be at our side.

“Let your Spirit blossom” invites us to take the reins of our existence, and awaken the light beings which we truly are.

🌈 #7Chakrasfestival2019 🌈

☯️ HOLISTIC ACTIVITIES : Yoga | Meditation & Mindfulness | Crystal Therapy | Gong Baths & Sound Massage | Vibrational Medicine (Energy Healing) | Phytotherapy and Naturopathy | Natural Foods & Diet | Holistic Healing Sciences | Alchemy | Psychosophy and Psychomagic Practices | Counseling & Awareness Paths | Shamanic practices: Temazcal (Sweat-lodge), Icaros & Medicine Songs, Limpias, Shamanic Drums and more

– [ ] 📖 CULTURAL NEST: Music Workshop |Permaculture | EcoVillages & Community Living | Natural Agriculture | Awareness on Water | Alternative Treatments | Eco Architecture & Self-Building | Ethnobotany | Degrowth and Transition Movement | Social Ecology | Sacred Geometry | Archetypal and Family Constellations | Archeology & Mistery | Psychonautics, Transpersonal Psychology & Psychedelic Therapies | Cultural Anthropology | Esoteric Disciplines & Philosophies | Electronic Music Production | Musical Instrument Making | Literary presentations & Meeting with the Authors

– [ ] 🎧2 MUSIC STAGES:
– [ ] Akasha (UK)| Animalien (MX)| Antonymous (GR)| Archaic (GR)| Arjuna (IN)| Avaris (GR)| Bayawaka (ISR)| Child_OS (IT)| Cico & Mama Africa (WORLD)| Clov (IT)| Confo (GR)| Criok Shatter (MX)| Decomposer (IT)| Dickster (UK)| Diego (CL)| Dopadocks (IT)| Dsompa (DE)| Endeavour (MX)| Ernya (IT)| Fabio Sestili (IT)| Flow (IT)| Formantz MX,IT)| Fungus Funk (RU)| Gino (IT)| Giuseppe (IT)| Govinda (IN)| Hypnoise (SP)| Inti Nahual (MX)| Ishdub (MX)| Juanmad (SP)| Jumpstreet (CH)| KynEthic (IT)| Loom (IT)| Macaw (MX)| Martian Arts (UK)| Masterkaos (CH)| Megalopsy (AR)| Mental (HU)| Mikel (IT)| Naan (IT)| Nektarios (GR)| Nukleall (IT)| Offlabel (IT)| Okapi (IT)| Oksha (MX)| Orestis (GR)| Outsiders (ISR)| Overload (SP)| Piero (IT)| Prisma (AR)| Psykia (IT)| Psynonima (AR)| Psytotix vs Obit (SP)| Quanta (UK)| Sbio (IT)| Sir (IT)| Slide (IT)| Space Tribe (UK)| Tarawaka (MX)| Torma in Dub (MX)| Virtual Light (CA)| Ypnotika (IT)

ℹ️ http://bit.ly/7ChakrasFbEvent
🎥 http://bit.ly/7Chakras2018Movie

🔱 Join The Tribe!
▶️ http://bit.ly/7ChakrasTicket

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